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Meet the Keep Looking Back Team

Matt has over 25 years of experience in filmmaking, directing, screenwriting and photography. Matt attended both Columbia College and Saint Xavier University in Chicago where he earned a Bachelors of Arts focused in filmmaking. Matt was a broadcaster for the U.S. Army where he worked for four years with the Regional Media Bureau in Korea shooting videos throughout the Peninsula and countries abroad.

When Matt left the military he formed KRproductions which shoots long format documentaries. Matt has now teamed up with Michael Brady and Clark Luksan to create Keep Looking Back.
Clark has been a combat videographer and photographer in the Army for over twenty years and he practices the craft both in and out of uniform. His photography has been published in several international newspapers and he was the main producer for a short film that placed first in a Boston Film Festival. He's been stationed around the globe and has deployed four times.

As a visual storyteller, video editor, and graphic designer, his adaptability in diverse environments and proficiency in multimedia production makes him a one-stop creative solution.
Michael has been doing video production in the Air Force for nearly twenty years. He has worked with a multitude of different video formats and excels at creating beautiful imagery out of the seemingly mundane. He is skilled at developing motion graphics and is highly proficient with using the majority of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, including Premiere, After Effects, and Illustrator.

His military career has taken him across the U.S., with positions at the Pentagon, the Defense Media Activity, and the Defense Information School. He is also a combat veteran with serveral overseas tours and is a Purple Heart recipient.
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